This is how you buy the cheapest Insurance for your crypto

Bright Union x collaborating to make DeFi insurance affordable for anyone

Source: Elliptic 2022 DeFi Report

The pain of gas costs

A key driver for the price of insurance covers is the gas price. Who will buy a product of $80 when the gas price is $200? Gas prices on Ethereum currently are very high and introduction of multi-chain insurance covers resulted in a significant reduction in gas prices from over $200 to below $1. Next to Ethereum, both and Bright Union now offer insurance on BSC and Polygon.

7.5% cashback for everyone — get the best offer in the market!

Buying an cover through Bright Union will now be more affordable than ever: you will get a 7.5% of your fees as a reward in $INSUR token, reducing your insurance cost to 0.19% per month! These rewards can be claimed from the app.

[ 💎 update: this cashback promotion has been extended until February 28! 💎 ]


20% cashback promotion when staking BRIGHT until end of February

To lower the barriers to experiment with decentralized covers and enter the world of DeFi we will offer another cashback incentive until the end of February. Users who have staked 5000 BRIGHT when buying a cover get a 20% cashback. Anyone staking between 1000 and 5000 BRIGHT will receive a 10% cashback. These cashbacks will be distributed in BRIGHT at the end of the promotion.

Cover your crypto against hacks for only 1.8% per year

Imagine, you are staking $1.000 in several Pancakeswap liquidity pools which provide you an API of over 15%. The main risk you are still exposed to is a hack of the Pancakeswap protocol. Wouldn’t you sleep better if you can take away this risk for only 1.8% of your returns? Go to and get covered!

About Bright Union

Bright Union is the world-leading multi-chain decentralized finance cover marketplace. Our mission is to safeguard your digital assets from hacks, smart contract failures, and rug pulls by empowering the crypto community to cover one another in a decentralized and permissionless manner.

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Bright Union

DeFi Insurance marketplace that allows DeFi users to to buy and provide coverage against hacks and protocol failures.