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Bright Union
3 min readAug 20, 2021


Dear Community, Customers & Friends,

Over the last months we’ve launched Bright Union, the leading DeFi Cover Platform. Through this letter, we want to thank everyone that has been part of the Bright Union journey so far and give some further insight in where we stand today and the road ahead of us.

We’ve managed to build a great community in only a few months time and are thrilled by the many messages and great feedback we’ve received. In numbers: we’ve grown our community from 26 Twitter followers in April to more than 24k Twitter followers and 12k Telegram followers to date. Our community is thriving and we will make sure to continue to bring regular updates to our community & deliver on our roadmap.

On the 5th of August we successfully launched the BRIGHT token on three IDO platforms, Ignition, Poolz & Moonstarter. Through the IDO we’ve realized our funding ambitions to raise USD 925,000 in a combined Seed, Private & IDO sale. The total funding raised will give us sufficient runway to deliver some incredible products to the market. And our first product has been delivered! We’ve launched BRIGHT staking on the 10th of August which was the first product delivery on our roadmap, with many others to follow.

Next up: Bright Cover
We have completed the integration of two coverage providers into our platform already, and are proud to announce that our Defi Cover Platform with cover functionality will be launched in the first half of September. The release of the staking functionality for multiple protocols will follow shortly after. We will keep everyone up to date on the exact launch date and will kick off a new marketing campaign around the product launch on the 1st of September. We can’t reveal too much yet about that campaign, but it will be exciting and attention provoking. #JointheUnion!

In the coming weeks, we will shift our focus & communication towards our products. We will explain how we have developed our products, why we think these are interesting products and what the value is for the broader ecosystem.

Simultaneously, we are actively strengthening our positions in the broader DeFi Ecosystem. We already have partnerships with the major cover platforms in the industry but we are also turning our attention to other DeFi protocols. We strongly believe that DeFi coverage will be a fundamental element in the DeFi ecosystem in the years to come and are looking to accelerate adoption by collaborating with a broad variety of DeFi protocols. #CoveryourCap!

We will continue to deliver on our roadmap, as we’ve done so far. The Future is Bright, and we need all of you to write this future with us.

Please reach out to us through Telegram in case you have any questions or suggestions.

Best wishes,

Kiril Ivanov & Michiel Slootweg

About Bright Union

Bright Union is launching the world’s leading aggregator and accelerator for the crypto risk markets. Our mission is to make the crypto risk markets work. On our decentralized crypto coverage platform, crypto users can cover their assets, stake and cover the community, and earn guaranteed yield through Bright Staking with embedded coverage.

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Bright Union

DeFi Insurance marketplace that allows DeFi users to to buy and provide coverage against hacks and protocol failures.