Earn for creating a brighter future. BRIGHT staking explained

What is staking?

How much reward will I earn by staking?

BRIGHT staking APY calculations

How to stake BRIGHT?

Buy BRIGHT tokens

  1. Get a wallet and fund it with ETH. This 3 minute video explains you how to use MetaMask, an Ethereum Wallet:
  2. Buy BRIGHT tokens 2. (Watch the tutorial on Youtube or follow the steps in this guide)


BRIGHT Staking Dashboard

How to Unstake your BRIGHT token

  1. Press “Withdraw”
  2. Select amount of BRIGHT to unstake
  3. Approve transaction in your Metamask wallet
  4. Wait until cooldown period has passed (7 days)
  5. Press “Unstake” in the next 24 hours
  6. Your wallet now contains BRIGHT

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