DeFi Risk Coverage Platform Update

The DeFi insurance ecosystem has slown down recently. However, the TVL of the ecosystem is currently sitting around a healthy $1.3B (defillama).


  • InsurAce have been performing exceptionally well over the past few months. Where all other numbers are down, InsurAce is managing to increase their annualized premiums figure
  • Earlier this month, Ease DeFi (formerly Armor Finance) and Bright Union were proud to announce their integration for their new suite of products: Reciprocally Covered Assets!
  • In March 2022 already there have already been multiple exploits to DeFi protocols, including Agave, Hundred Finance, Deus Finance, and Solana-backed stablecoin Cashio, totalling losses of over $ 40m.

Most popular covers

Nexus Mutual Top 3 protocols covered:

  1. Anchor
  2. Enzyme v3
  3. Yield App

Bridge Mutual Top 3 protocols covered:

  1. Anchor
  2. Perpetual
  3. Ice Token

InsurAce Top 3 protocols covered:

  1. Mirror Finance
  2. Anchor
  3. UST De-Peg

About Bright Union

Bright Union is the world-leading multi-chain decentralized finance cover marketplace. Our mission is to safeguard your digital assets from hacks, smart contract failures, and rug pulls by empowering the crypto community to cover one another in a decentralized and permissionless manner.

Bright Union provides the most comprehensive range of crypto insurance on the market at competitive prices. Furthermore, Bright Union will soon release its unique suite of cutting-edge risk solutions, providing investors with outstanding investment and coverage opportunities. Be bright and take advantage of DeFi’s exponential growth.

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