Bright Union is proudly partnering with InsurAce

A Valuable Collaboration

“InsurAce is the perfect attestation of the exponential growth potential of DeFi coverage: launched mainnet in May 2021, and having insured more than $70m in assets to date. At Bright Union we believe that further innovation is required to reach large scale adoption of DeFi coverage. Therefore, we are delighted to have partnered with InsurAce, an innovation powerhouse, being the first to offer multichain compatibility (ETH, BSC & Poly). We look forward to together bringing DeFi coverage to the next level aiming for mass adoption.” — Jorrit Kooi, CEO Bright Union

“We have seen huge adoption of marketplaces like this in traditional insurance sectors, and we believe that Bright Union will do the same for Crypto. It also allows us to directly show our highly competitive, great value range of insurance products to DeFi users who may not have found our project otherwise. Together we are working towards making DeFi a safer place for everyone.” — Oliver Xie, Founder,

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