Bright Union integrates Unslashed

More choice for customers

This integration brings Bright Union another step closer to allowing all members of the crypto community to cover their capital. Users will notice that this integration isn’t at quite the same level as with other platforms [Nexus Mutual, InsurAce, Bridge Mutual or Ease finance]. Regardless, users have more choice to make informed decisions about their risk mitigation strategy.

Unslashed Insurance

One of the ways Unslashed differentiates itself from the other insurance players is their price cap of 8% per year. Pricing is dynamic based on level of demand and how much capacity is remaining for each. At the time of writing, most prices sit under 1% per annum!

About Unslashed

Unslashed is a decentralized insurance protocol covering all common risks for crypto assets. Unslashed enables almost instant liquidity to insurance buyers and risk underwriters, ensures constant collateralization, and guarantees transparency through an unbiased claims process. By tokenizing coverage and using “money streaming,” it allows maximum flexibility and freedom: the insured pay as they go and can instantly stop the policy to offload it at any time.

About Bright Union

Bright Union is the world-leading multi-chain decentralized finance cover marketplace. A platform to aggregate and match supply and demand, it also accelerates the industry by providing strongly needed insurance liquidity

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Bright Union

Bright Union


DeFi Insurance marketplace that allows DeFi users to to buy and provide coverage against hacks and protocol failures.