Bright Union Creative Contest

Show your creativity and claim a spot on our private sale or win up to $2,000 worth of BRIGHT tokens.

Turbulent last few days for the crypto community, but the Bright Union team is going full throttle. We proudly present to you our fresh brand identity and as of today, we’re launching Part 2 of our Community Program — the Bright Union Creative Contest! As we are working towards the launch, we are giving the community the opportunity to produce awesome Bright Union content and claim a spot on the private sale.

💎 Show your creativity and win a guaranteed allocation of $500 USD in our private sale or have a chance to win $50 worth of BRIGHT Tokens! 💎🪙

How to participate

You can participate by creating engaging Bright Union content, by sharing it online, and submitting it for review. To give you the power to leverage all your resources, we accept all types of written and visual content published on any platform: articles, infographics, Twitter threads, memes, stickers or Youtube videos. Even Instagram stories or TikTok videos — anything that you’re good at!


Prize Allocation

  • 🚀 The top 10 best entries can invest $500 USD in the Bright Union private sale.
  • 💸 As an added bonus, the top 11–50 participants with the best entries will receive $50 (per winner).

💎 All winners will be rewarded in BRIGHT tokens. Public sale price of 1 BRIGHT Token is $0.10. Remuneration will take place after TGE 💎


Here are some ideas to get the creative juices flowing:

  • What is the Bright Union Defi Cover Platform, how does it work?
  • Why does Defi needs coverage — or a coverage aggregator and accelerator?
  • What is Bright Unions’ competitive advantage, why will it be successful and why do you think Bright Union will gain adoption?
  • What is the utility of the Bright Token, who will benefit?
  • Bright Treasury infographics about its function
  • Gifs and sticker packs with #JointheUnion or #CoveryourCapital
  • Visualizations of the crystals or the growth of the crypto cluster

Do you have other ideas? Surprise us! You are more than welcome share anything regarding Bright Union.

How do we select the winners?

All the submissions will be reviewed by the Bright Union team based on the accuracy of the information, research, quality of delivery, creativity, and effort. Though the winners are chosen by the Bright Union team, the community engagement rate can also factor in, so make sure to share your creations with the world to receive comments and likes by your peers. Judging will be subjective but the team will attempt to identify the most accurate, well-designed, and engaging content in an unbiased manner. Although we encourage multiple submissions and value the series of short engaging posts as high as a well-written article, the quality of the research and presentation is what matters the most!

Submissions are accepted: June24 — Juli 18, 2021

Winners are announced and prizes are distributed shortly after the TGE on Twitter and Telegram

Important rules

  • Must be your original work — We’ll know if it’s been copied
  • By submitting your work, you are giving full permission for the Bright Union team to share them on all the social media channels and promote them as community content.
  • KYC will be required for the winners.
  • The Bright Union team members reserve the final right to interpret the rules of the contest, disqualify participants at their discretion and make the final decisions on all entries.

🎨 With that out of the way, let the games begin! Enter your submission here

About Bright Union

Bright Union is launching the world’s leading aggregator and accelerator for the DeFi crypto risk markets. Our mission is to make the crypto risk markets work.

On our Defi Cover Platform, our future community can cover their own assets, stake and earn in coverage staking pools, and last but not least join the Bright Union staking pool.

Join the Union

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Bright Union is a decentralized insurance aggregator, allowing to compare, buy, and sell crypto coverages.