Bright Union and Project Galaxy start collaboration on NFTs

Get your hands on limited status Crystal NFTs as an early DeFi Insurance investor

Bright staking loyalty program. Are you Gravel, a Pebble, Cobble or Boulder?

Bright Union’s crystal NFT collection is coming soon!

  • Claiming starts from December 23th, 2021 at 13:00 CET
  • Connect your wallet to Ethereum
  • If you are eligible, hit the ‘Claim’ button
  • Congratulations! Your NFT is now visible

🗿 Are you a Bright holder? Visit your portfolio in the Bright Union App, and see what status you are!

💎 Not a Bright holder yet? Add your crystal to the cluster by staking Bright.

🤓 or read more about the Bright loyalty program first.

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Bright Union

Bright Union

DeFi Insurance marketplace that allows DeFi users to to buy and provide coverage against hacks and protocol failures.