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Bright Union is on its mission to become the world leading aggregator and accelerator for the DeFi coverage market allowing crypto users to easily protect their capital against the dark forces of crypto. Thousands of lines of codes have been written already and Bright Union will launch a fully functioning product at the end of August.

Launching platform partners are Nexus Mutual, Bridge Mutual and InsurAce and many more partnerships are in the making.

IDO details

The IDO will allow our community members to own $BRIGHT and reap all the benefits of being a $BRIGHT holder. …

DeFi Risk Ecosystem overview July 27, 2021

DeFi Risk Coverage ecosystem overview, July 27 2021

Hereby we’re presenting you the second market scan of our bi-weekly Ecosystem update in Defi risk markets. At Bright Union, we’re seeing an increasing number of DeFi teams building solutions in the DeFi coverage space, and this article aims to introduce the overview landscape and share knowledge collected around several of the most major protocols.


  • This week special attention goes to Bridge Mutual which successfully launched their liquidity mining event and are now in business with 22M of cover liquidity and 5M of covered capital.
  • Also strong performance from InsurAce which in just 3 weeks, grew by almost 50% from…

Presenting you the team behind Bright Union

Before Bright Union, founders Michiel and Kiril implemented a blockchain solution in a traditional Dutch insurance company together. Later, these two visionary entrepreneurs merged forces, bringing together expertise in blockchain and insurance respectively. Their idea was to build a user friendly and easy to understand concept, without a middle man. Creating something made by people for people. In a time where there were seven decentralized insurance projects under development and with the market being so miniscule compared to traditional insurance, DeFi showed significant growth. Following the motto, it’s always too early until it’s too late, Bright Union was born.


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Winners Creative Contest

We are in awe of the numerous submissions for the Bright Union Creative running until the 18th June 202. We have received various entries, including memes, articles, infographics, stickers and gifs. Your creativity was beyond our expectations and imagination.

After careful consideration, we see that there are participants who successfully produced outstanding original content pieces that impressed the Bright Union team and our…

For the effective implementation of KYC procedure

For the effective implementation of Know Your Customer procedure, we are pleased to announce that we have joined forces with Fractal, a German-based company developing solutions for identifying customers. Appliance of Fractal ID technology will enforce KYC/AML compliance while making it easy for users to verify their identity.

Next to bank-grade compliant ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC), Fractal’s identification solution will bring Anti-Money Laundering (AML) capabilities to Bright Union’s operations. These practices not only prevent illegal manipulations by malevolent users, but also confirms that the platform operates in the legal field.

Fractal ID is a plug and play KYC provider specialized…

The future looks bright

While the crypto market has lost most of its hype compared to earlier this year, numerous projects and developers are ramping up the speed of development. When we take a look at Decentralized Finance in particular, it continues to disrupt the traditional financial sector at an unprecedented rate, with great, yet risky developments unfolding. This shows potential for advancements in the crypto coverage sector that enable users to have more control over associated risks.

Accelerating DeFi’s mainstream acceptance

Looking to make DeFi a safer environment to operate in, we at Bright Union are exhilarated about all the things that are coming your way at…

We are happy to have onboarded The Tsukiyomi Group as one of our private investors. This addition is part of our plan of making Bright Union worlds a world’s leading aggregator and accelerator for crypto risk markets and the private investors are the pillars for making that happen.

“The DeFi space is always evolving but it still struggles with exploits, hacks, and smart contract failures. These issues constantly plague retail investors and prevent DeFi from gaining mainstream acceptance. We believe Bright Union has a valid solution to this problem and are very excited to join them on this journey.” …

Ecosystem overview July 8, 2021

The market for risk covers is moving rapidly

Decentralized finance (DeFi) has emerged as one of the most popular use cases in the crypto ecosystem over the past few years. In brief, DeFi can be described as financial software built with blockchain technology, and it has the potential to make financial applications more open and accessible. At Bright Union, we’re seeing an increasing number of DeFi teams building solutions in the DeFi coverage space, and this article aims to introduce the overview landscape and share knowledge collected around several of the most major protocols.


  • First-to-market Nexus Mutual is dominating the market with $514M worth of covered assets which…

Strategic Investment Announcement

We are proud to announce an investment from Three M Capital. This addition is part of our mission of making Bright Union the world’s leading aggregator and accelerator for crypto risk markets.

“Insurance can be boring to some, but we’re overly excited about this. As DeFi continues to grow, insurance projects become even more essential. We’re excited with what the Bright Union team is building’. — Nish Sequeira, Co-founder.

About Three M Capital

Three M Capital is a team of 3 crypto investors based out of Australia. They joined forces in June 2016 and have continued their research and investments in existing and new…

Strategic Partnership Announcement

We are pleased to announce that we have acquired an investment partnership with Vendetta Capital, a global blockchain advisory and investment firm. The partnership would leverage Bright Union’s future endeavors to bring web3.0 to the insurance industry.

About Vendetta Capital

Vendetta invests in, leads and helps projects to accelerate developing novel solutions to address the core issues of scalability, privacy, and interoperability for decentralized protocols and applications.

Vendetta Capital has become one of the leading investors in the blockchain venture capital ecosystem with its experience, wide network around the world, and effective strategic competencies that can analyze the innovative expectations of the market…

Bright Union

Bright Union is a decentralized insurance aggregator, allowing to compare, buy, and sell crypto coverages.

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